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    5 Reasons To Hire The Same Photo And Film Company

    5 Reasons To Hire The Same Photo And Film Company

    5 Reasons To Hire The Same Photo And Film Company

    It may come as a surprise to some, and others can see this from a mile away that Wedding Photographers & Videographers can butt heads sometimes by battling each other for similar angles, sharing limited time, etc. Some encounters that we have personally witnessed include but are not limited to…

    1. “The photographer used up all of the formal session”
    2. “The videographer ruined my shot”
    3. “The photographer keeps using flash”
    4. “The videographer keeps interrupting my posing”

    As a Wedding Photography & Videography company, we understand both sides and have worked many weddings where we were filming and the Bride & Groom hired another photographer and vice versa. While there are some bad apples out there, most of the time, professional weddings companies will work with each other as the answer to this problem of different vendors for photography and film is VERY simple. It literally comes down to the realization that the Bride & Groom’s happiness is the ONLY thing that matters that day.

    If you did hire different companies to photograph & film your wedding, both sides need to swallow their pride, compromise, and share the limited time and space. With strong communication and the right attitude, true & seasoned professionals should be able to work to get a complete product for the sake of the Bride & Groom.

    As stated above, while true professionals can work well with each other, there could still be bad apples out there that totally dislike the idea of working with another professional. To avoid that risk, we believe it is best to book a single combined package with the same company for both Photography & Videography. Here are our 5 reasons to hire the same photo and film company for your wedding day…

    01. Shared incentives & accountability

    We are going to state the obvious. Your photographer wants to get the best images possible from your wedding and the videographer wants to capture the best possible footage from your wedding. Their reputations are on the line.

    By hiring the same company, you now align the priorities of both the photographer & videographer. As an added bonus, you also incentives them to create the best possible combined product. This will lead to better communication, coordination and will also result in the photographer & videographer to be more willing to share time. Hiring the same photography & videography company will push them to support each other and ensure that everyone and everything has been captured.

    Furthermore, hiring the same photography & videography company will make them 100% accountable for the final result. By hiring seperate companies for photo and film, they could blame each other for missed or ruined shots, bad communication, etc.

    02. Better Communication & Workflow

    Hiring the same company for both Photography & Videography have experience working with one another. This is very true with us as “it’s like we have a 6th sense” of where we need to be but at the same time, not get in each others way.

    Think of it this way. Would you hire a band who is playing together for the first time at your wedding or would you bet on a hockey team who does not play together regularly.

    The synchronicity between photo and video teams from the same company who work together all the time will translate into a better overall product.

    03. Common shared vision and style

    Booking a company that offers photography and videography ensures consistent style and quality. You will experience a shared vision amongst yourself, the photo team & the video team.

    Let’s say there is a specific pose you do not like, both photo & film teams will share that vision and knowledge. If you want to avoid silly and/or cheesy poses, everyone is on the same page. By hiring the same company for both photography & videoraphy, everyone is on the same page and nothing will be lost in translation.

    04. Fewer business logistics

    By using the same company for both photography & videography, you will save a bunch of time within the booking process. The convenience factor alone is an added bonus to hiring a company that does both photo and film. You can set up a single meeting for both photography & videography, communicate with one company about your vision for your day, sign a single contract, etc. Booking with different companies can potentially double the meetings, double the contracts, your vision could be lost between the separate photo & film companies and the list goes on.

    05. Wedding Photography & Videography Package Discounts

    Let us be clear, price should not be your determining factor when shopping for your wedding photographer & videographer, however, it does not hurt that most companies (including ours) have potential pricing discounts. Who doesn’t like a discount?!?

    Get In TouchDid you make it to the end? If so, use this code #5reasonswhy in our contact form to receive 5% off of our Crystal Package (Full Day Photo & Film Package)

    We hope that our “5 Reasons To Hire The Same Photo And Film Company” article serves you well with your decision on hiring a photographer & videographer for your wedding.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and we hope to be a part of your wedding day!

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