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Have A Pet Friendly Wedding

Organizing a wedding can already be quite overwhelming, but when you factor in the idea of planning a wedding that accommodates dogs, it might feel like an even more challenging endeavor. However, fear not, as we are here to provide you with a complete guide that covers all the essentials for orchestrating the ideal dog-inclusive wedding.

Finding A Pet Friendly Venue

The initial stage of preparing a dog-friendly wedding involves locating a venue that welcomes pets. Bear in mind that not all venues are open to pets, so thorough research is crucial. Seek out venues that explicitly state their pet-friendly policies on their website or inquire with the venue coordinator regarding their pet allowance. Outdoor settings such as parks, gardens, and beaches frequently prove more amenable to accommodating pets.

Have A Pet Friendly Wedding - Pulse Productions Inc

Notifying Your Guests

After securing a venue that welcomes pets, it’s essential to inform your guests about the pet-friendly aspect of your wedding. Consider including a message on your wedding invitation or on your wedding website, explicitly stating that pets are invited. This courteous gesture will give your guests advance notice and enable them to make appropriate preparations.

Have A Pet Friendly Wedding - Pulse Productions Inc

Working Your Pet into Your Wedding

Now, let’s dive into the enjoyable part—incorporating your beloved furry companion into your wedding celebration! One adorable method for involving your dog in the festivities is to have them accompany the flower girl or ring bearer as they walk down the aisle. If your dog is well-behaved, they might even stand by your side during the ceremony. Ensure, however, that you assign someone the responsibility of looking after them during the reception.

Have A Pet Friendly Wedding - Pulse Productions Inc

Designated Pet Section

Regarding the reception, it’s crucial to establish a dedicated space for dogs. This could be a distinct area equipped with water bowls, treats, and toys, providing a comfortable and entertaining space for dogs to unwind and enjoy themselves. Additionally, it might be wise to think about having a dog caregiver present to tend to your canine companion during the reception.

Necessities for Your Pet at Your Wedding

As you prepare for your wedding, remember to gather essential items for your furry companion. Ensure you pack their food, water, treats, toys, and a leash. It’s also wise to include some towels in your bag in case your dog gets dirty. If your dog tends to experience anxiety, it might be beneficial to bring along calming treats or a ThunderShirt to help them feel at ease.

Pet Friendly Favours

Last but not least, be sure to incorporate your furry companion into your wedding favors. Think about distributing dog treats or petite toys as tokens of appreciation. You can even personalize them with your wedding date and an adorable message like, “Thank you for celebrating with us and our beloved furry friend!”

Have A Pet Friendly Wedding - Pulse Productions Inc

Planning a pet-friendly wedding can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it to have your furry friend by your side on your big day. Remember to find a pet-friendly venue, notify your guests, work your pet into your wedding, have a designated pet section, pack necessities for your pet, and include your furry friend in your wedding favors. With a little planning and preparation, your pet-friendly wedding will be a huge success!

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